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Why Choose Us?

Led by years of experience building many systems, mobile and web applications, we know how to engineer optimal and advances solution for your business. We know the difference between software and applications that can take you many steps forward and mere software development, if you let us.

We don't compromise on quality nor process, while offering economical solutions that fits well in your budget. We do this by employing best resources in US, Ukraine and Belarus, blending cost effectiveness and top-notch engineering prowess.


We Build Things

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We can design and develop for virtually any platform and using any technology.


We design Systems and UI/UX. From Containerized Microservices Architectures to Responsive Web Applications and Reactive Mobile Applications.


We develop in Python, Javascript, Ruby, Java, C#, PHP, ObjectiveC, Swift, Kotlin, NodeJs, ReactJS, Angular and more. Runinng in AWS and Azure.


We manage all projects with Scrum and Kanban. All of our work is planned and run transparently and efficiently. Our PMs and Leads keep projects on track.


How We Work

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We meet with you, figure out what problems you're looking to solve, what you're looking to build and how. We work through proposal to both illustrate our understanding and explain our view of the solutions. Once finalized, common and full understand of scope, timelines, resources and overall setup puts us on the same page. In many case, we propose multiple solutions, multiple phases and different views on the described problems, presenting innovative alternatives. 


We don't jump into architecture and ui design, same time we start development. Design flushes out features, improves understanding of final product and solidifies scope. We do this first, get it approves with you, and properly prepare for development.


Our development process includes fully staffed teams with Leads, Developers, QA, DevOps, Project and Product Managers, to cover end-to-end solutions. We welcome your resources too, to help in development, code reviews, project and product management, deployments, but don't require it. We understand you have work on critical business path, and not always have resources to spare.


About Us

We're a young, but experienced company. 

Dejitech is a young company based in NJ, with development teams in Kiev and Minsk. We came together after decades of working on projects independently. We're growing fast and able to rapidly staff projects with best resources. 

We focus on helping you expand your business potential and add value. Not many services companies, large or small, care about quality of their work. We do. 


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